Concord Pool Leak Detection

If you are looking for a Concord pool leak detection service, you've come to the right place. We offer non-destructive leak detection methods that are a fast and reliable way to find leaks in swimming pools. We use the most modern equipment and techniques available to find the leak quickly, saving you money. Call Us At (925) 808-3138.

Detecting a pool leak in Concord, CA

Detecting a pool leak in Concord, CA

We offer a comprehensive leak detection and repair service in Concord, CA

A swimming pool leak is a critical issue that needs to be addressed as soon as possible - especially in Concord, where we are experiencing a severe drought, and water conservation is more important than ever. A small unaddressed leak can quickly become a much more significant problem if not repaired quickly and correctly the first time.

A small leak can waste hundreds of gallons of water daily, while a significant leak can waste thousands. We offer a comprehensive leak detection service for residential and commercial clients. Our service includes a thorough report of your entire system, documenting any leaks or issues we find, along with a detailed cost breakdown of the repairs needed.

Customer Testimonials From Our Pool Leak Detection Service

John was an excellent plumber, and I would hire him again in the future. Not only did he locate the crack causing our pool to leak, but he also completed the repairs to a satisfactory standard. He was very knowledgeable about the repairs that needed to be carried out and clearly explained the work that he was doing. I was very impressed with John's work and would not hesitate to recommend him to others.

5-Star review for Concord Pool Service

Beth Taylor,  Reviewed on 8/12/2022

Concord Customer

It was a great experience working with John. He quickly pinpointed the location of our pool leak and got to work immediately. His wealth of knowledge about plumbing repairs was awe-inspiring, and he made the repairs promptly. I would happily hire Concord Pool Service again. I give them five stars, great job John, and thanks for your time.

5-Star review from one of our customers in Concord, CA

Tom Jackson, Reviewed on 6/18/2022

Concord Customer

Checking a customers pool for water loss in Concord, CA

Checking a customers pool for water loss in Concord, CA

Bucket test for pool leak detection in Concord

When trying to find a pool leak, one of the easiest ways we do it is to perform a bucket test. This simple method requires a bucket filled with water to about one inch above the pool's surface. We then place it on a step or the seating area of the pool to check if the bucket is level inside and out and note the water level inside and outside the bucket.
If the water level inside the bucket is higher than outside, the leak is most likely inside the pool. Alternatively, we use a pool water loss calculator to estimate how much water you've lost in the past 24 hours.

Checking a customers pool for cracks causing water loss in Concord, CA

Checking a customers pool for cracks causing water loss in Concord, CA

Non-destructive methods of locating leaks in swimming pools in Concord, CA

Leaking swimming pools are a nightmare for pool owners. But we can detect them easily because we know what to look for. Signs of a leak can be as simple as a change in the ground surrounding the pool, cracks in the pool tiles, or movement in the pool substrate.

When a swimming pool starts to fill up more frequently, it may signal a leak. Another telltale sign is if the auto-filler is constantly running. You can also look at the pH balance of the pool.

When we find a leak, we can repair it without damaging the pool. We use a combination of equipment to find the leak. Our equipment will depend on the swimming pool's plumbing and pump system. Ultrasound, for example, uses sound waves to listen for leaks. Thermal cameras also help detect weak areas in the plumbing. Helium detectors also help to pinpoint the source of a leak. We know all the techniques to find your leak fast, saving you money.

If you suspect your swimming pool is using too much water, it's a good time to find out if there is leakage. Give us a call for all of your pool leak detection in Concord at 925-808-3138. We'll be able to help you save water and money.

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