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Replacement pool equipment in Concord, CA


Hi, I'm John, the owner of Concord Pool Service. I have over 20 years of experience troubleshooting and diagnosing pool-related equipment. Nobody has more experience working on pool equipment than my personally trained staff and me. I service residential and commercial pools in and around the Concord area.

If parts or replacement equipment is needed, I have a vast inventory ensuring same-day repairs. We offer equipment troubleshooting, pump repair, pool leak detection and repair, filter repair, heater repair, pump/heater installation, filter installation, chlorinator installation, salt cell installation, valve actuator installation, and more. We're here to help keep your pool equipment working smoothly!

Diagnosing a pool pump in Concord

Diagnosing a pool pump in Concord

Repaired a variable speed pump motor in Concord, CA

Repaired a variable speed pump in Concord, CA

Pool Pump Repair, Replacement, and Diagnosis.

The most common repair we see is the pool pump motor. Pool pumps typically need to be replaced every five years. Still, they can last longer depending on the care and maintenance put into the pool pump. If it is a bad motor, we typically disassemble it and inspect the housing, impeller, diffuser, and other parts that may need repairing. Then we give a written quote for parts and labor.

If the motor needs replacing, I recommend the Pentair brand because they are the first company to pioneer variable speed pool pumps. Also, they're very energy efficient and can reduce energy costs by up to 90%. They also offer a no-hassle warranty, unlike other manufacturers.

Variable speed pool pumps can save you money on your electric bill by reducing the time your pool pump is running. The savings can be anywhere from $800 to $1400+ a year.

Here you can calculate the costs to run your pool pump and how much you will save by upgrading to a variable-speed pump.

  • Pool Filter Repair, Cleaning, and Installation in Concord, CA

    Pool Filter Repair, Cleaning, and Installation.

    Your swimming pool filters collect all the dirt, leaves, and other debris that would add unwanted cloudiness to your pool. Generally, cartridge pool filters have a filtration life of between 2000 to 2500 hours. In Concord, the average pool owner will need to change the filter every 12 to 16 months. We keep in stock the most common replacement filters.
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    Pool Heater Troubleshooting and Repair.

    If your pool or spa heater stops working, don't wait to get it fixed. Our certified professionals will have your heating pump up and running in no time. We are familiar with all the different types of pool heaters and can work with any manufacturer, including Jandy, Raypak, Pentair, and Hayward. Our expertise ensures quick repair times for even the most challenging heater problems.
  • Pool leak detection in Concord, CA

    Pool Leak Detection.

    We are experts at detecting and repairing leaks in residential and commercial pools. We'll provide a comprehensive report of your system, highlighting any leaks or problems we find. In addition, we offer multiple inground swimming pool repair options that our trained staff can complete on the same day! 

  • Swimming pool light repair and replacement in Concord, CA

    Swimming Pool Light Repair and replacement

    If your pool light is not working, don't worry - we can help. We'll remove the entire light fixture and clean and dry everything to determine the cause of the problem. If a simple bulb and gasket replacement is required, we'll get that done for you quickly and efficiently because we stock the most popular replacement bulbs.

  • Troubleshooting Automated Pool and Spa Systems in Concord, CA

    Troubleshooting Automated Pool and Spa Systems.

    Most pool automation repairs involve extensive programming skills to diagnose bad fuses, remotes, and other minor components. As pool automation controls age, they may encounter more severe problems requiring parts to be repaired or upgraded. We also have experience working on older model timers and pool automatic vacuum Systems.
  • Salt Water Chlorinator System Repair and Replacement in Concord, CA

    Salt Water Chlorinator System Repair and Replacement.

    Even the most reliable salt systems are subject to failure and will encounter problems—salt generators specifically for swimming pools produce chlorine which continually cleans the pool water. The salt cells that convert salt to chlorine need to be flushed at a minimum every 90 days because the salt cells become clogged with calcium buildup, dirt, and debris.

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