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About John, the owner of Concord Pool Service

Our Beginning 

Hi, my name is John, and the owner of Concord Pool Service. We are a local pool service company located in Concord, CA.
I started my business in 2000 with one employee and me. I specialize in equipment and pool repair, and my employees focus on weekly pool cleaning and maintenance.
It's been twenty-two years, and we now have ten employees and hundreds of regular customers.

⭐ Reviews From Our Customers ⭐

"Concord Pool Service has been doing weekly pool cleaning for us for two years. John and his cleaning guys were always on top of things. We never had issues with the pool not being cleaned, the cleaning guy leaving gates open, or equipment out. Over the two years, we had John replace our older equipment.
Throughout those experiences, Concord Pool Service was there for us, helping us decide on the right equipment and ensuring all the new pumps and stuff were working correctly.
They know their business, have excellent communication skills, and are good at satisfying their customers. I highly recommend John for all your pool needs."

5/5-stars reviewed by Charles Blanton, Concord, CA customer

Reviewed by: Charles Blanton, Concord, CA
Date work performed: 8/11/2020 Stars: 5/5                       

Service Provided: We perform weekly pool cleaning for Charles.

"I love the service that Concord Pool service provides! They have excellent pool techs like John, who are always friendly and willing to help. He cleaned my pool while explaining that my filter may be broken, and I scheduled an appointment to have it fixed the next day.
Happy customer here. They go above and beyond in service."

5/5-stars reviewed by Linda Taylor, Walnut Creek, CA customer

Reviewed by: Linda Taylor, Walnut Creek, CA
Date work performed: 6/04/2021 Stars: 5/5

Service Provided: Weekly swimming pool maintenance.

Efficient heat pumps and salt water systems in Concord, CA

Automated pool systems are our specialty in Concord, CA

Why Our Customers Love Our Pool Service

Trust was a significant factor in our steady growth over the years. Our customers have to trust us to go on their property when sometimes they are not home and make sure their dogs don't get out or leave the place with everything locked up properly.

Also, when they see how clean their pool is, we keep our customers happy, which gets us plenty of referrals.
Our most significant advantage over the competition is our pool certifications and how I train my employees. I spend most of my time keeping up on modern pool equipment because many of the new heat pumps and saltwater systems have got super efficient.
For this reason, I spend extra time with my equipment service techs showing them some of the innovations our equipment manufacturers offer.

We are a one-stop shop when it comes to equipment repair. We have on-staff electricians, plumbers, and factory-trained service techs. Most of our competition can do simple maintenance, but they can't dig up and replace pipes or install a new gas line. These differences set us apart from your garage type of operation prevalent in concord.
When it comes to automated systems, we are hands down the most experienced; we have electronic and wiring skills nobody compares with. We always have at least one super geek employed just for automated systems.

One thing not mentioned in our services is I personally do pool inspections for homeowners selling their homes. Nothing gets by me; I write the most comprehensive inspection reports you will ever see.

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